Our Mission

The Café strives to provide you with the most enjoyable break of your work day!

Our Priority

Our priority is local when available, organic when possible, and fresh…ALWAYS!

Our Menu

Start your day off right with a coffee that is fair trade and organic.  We also have a wide selection of specialty coffees that include lattes, cappuccinos, espressos, mochas and chai.  We even provide soy and almond milk!  For our health-conscious customers, we have introduced smoothies that are delicious and very nutritious.

We offer fresh homemade food with a different daily ethnic theme.  You can choose from a variety of six or more hot prepared dishes or five or more salad options for  $1.99/100g.  We also prepare a daily soup and/or panini, or you could have a made-to-order sandwich.

On Fridays, you can indulge in our breakfast buffet for your fix of bacon and eggs, alongside French toast, blueberry pancakes, hash browns, or our healthy fresh fruit and steel-cut oat porridge.  On other days, you might choose from our homemade muffins, bagels, fresh fruit salad, or the very popular rise-and-shine (egg, bacon or ham, and cheese on a toasted English muffin).

Our Green Approach

I grew up in a very green household, so when I learned that Environment Canada was the main tenant in the Fontaine building, I knew it was a great match!   Sustainability and environmentally responsible choices were made throughout the construction of the café.  The countertops are 100% recycled paper.   The floors are made of painted concrete.  The tabletops are reclaimed lumber, and the chairs are reused.  The material covering the chairs and bench is recycled polyester.  The main decorations by the windows are live plants, and the design on the main wall is made of bamboo.  We provide reusable plates and cutlery.  The entire project followed LEED protocols.